Death from the Coronavirus is not under control in China

57 / 100

In China, on the other hand, there is a lot of work stress

Coronavirus Infectious diseases are a frightening phenomenon

I will not do it and it will be taken care of soon.

According to some officials, China is more than 80 years old

Only 40% of adults take any type of booster dose

The number of infections continues to increase due to infection

The death toll of adults is estimated to rise

On the other hand, it is natural to get rid of acne

Chinese lemon to boost immunity

We are hoping for more lemons in the Chinese market

Unexpectedly increased. Named Wayne in this regard

A farmer says that he is cultivating lemons on 130 acres

5 to 6 tons of lemon juice are grown daily from Karachi Nti Peru.

While sending to the city last few days from 20 to 30 days

30 tons of lemon leaves the market after Beijing and Shanghai

There are too many people living in the city

As infections increase coronavirus, naturally the immune system becomes more susceptible to infection

People rely more on lemon to boost energy

Another farmer says that he is happy in the last 4/5

I want the price to double every day.

Barad Aasthi Baru Chahadhi to sing more lemons than the place

He has to work 14 hours a day to complete it

Apart from lemons, oranges and other fruits also grow

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